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What is Wordmake?

Wordmake is a word scrambling game. When you start a game of Wordmake, you are presented with a set of six letters. It is your job to try to create as many words as you can with 3 or more letters. There are over 2,000 different sets of words to play, each game you are given a random set. Wordmake is based off of an American English dictionary.

About the game

There are two types of play in the Wordmake main menu, "regular" and "no timer". "Regular" play employs the use of a score keeper and is timed play. As you compile words on the list, you will see your score in the top right increasing. The objective of the timed game is to get at least 75% of the words in the word combinations list before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out before you have guessed all the combinations and you have more than 75% of the words filled in, you can continue to the next game and keep increasing your score. If the time runs out and you have guessed less than 75% of the words, your game streak will end. "No timer" play is designed for those who wish to play without the time constraint. This mode does not keep score. This allows you to play the game leisurely and you can stop and resume play any time you wish. If you have to leave your game, when you return you will be given the option to continue the previous game that you were playing in "no timer" mode.

There are 2 Wordmakes?

Yes! Introducing the new wordmake international. Wordmake international is just like the origional workmake, except it has the language store, which lets you purchase new languages to play wordmake in. Keep in mind though, If you already own classic wordmake, there is no point in buying the American English language pack, since this pack is essentially classic wordmake.